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Due to strict laws, I am still considered a dependent under my parents until I am 24 even though I’ve been fully independent for the past 4 years. The only way to be considered independent is if I have a dependent myself. In other words: I need to have a fucking child in order to take out a student loan on my own. This is bullshit. My parents and I are not on good terms, so any idea of them co-signing a loan for my schooling is out of the question. So, folks I’m in a tight place. Let me give you the break down: my name is Aleigha Spinks and I love to act. It’s as easy as that. I’m lucky enough to have recently been accepted into the acting for film program at one of the best film conservatories in the country: The New York Film Academy. Upon my acceptance, I was granted one of the largest scholarships the academy offers, which I am eternally grateful for. This program allows me to train one on one with some of the greatest professionals in the industry, work hands on with endless amounts of equipment, collaborate with some of the most talented minds of my generation, and provides an open door policy post my graduation. Although this news is exciting, the combination of my scholarship and the financial aid I have been granted is simply not enough for me to attend. Without a co-sign for additional loans and with the lack of art based scholarships available to me, I am finding it really difficult to fully embrace this dream opportunity. I have been fighting for my education for the past four years and unfortunately up to this day, lack of funds has stopped me from doing the thing I am most passionate about. I feel it is the perfect point in my life to take a stand and reach out to you lovely folks for a helping hand. An opportunity like this is rare and I would hate to pass it up.

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